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Lori Dunn brings a degree in Biology and 15 years as a zookeeper to her detailed animal artwork. Each of her pieces is accompanied by information about the animal in hopes of furthering conservation efforts. On her website, she includes more details behind the scratchboard process: "ese clayboard engravings are considered by many artists to be one of the most difficult of mediums to master. It takes a very steady hand to maintain the correct pressure required to etch each fine line to a particular depth. Mistakes are not easily corrected – they cannot be erased or painted over! It is one of the only forms of two dimensional media that is subtractive, as material is removed rather than added. Artists must work In a similar sgraffito iteration, clay is applied to paper to make "clayboard." Once covered with black ink this becomes "scratchboard" which draws in it's own bevy of engraving illustrators. We found some glorious masters of the cra via the International Society of Scratchboard Artists and spoke with two of them.

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