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Lush, organic growth, a fluid fountain morphing from one soothing green landscape into another. is is one of my favorite film backdrops and I'm seeing it portrayed increasingly well. Our home's verdant canopy is genetically encoded to calm us. "Grounding" is a physical and spiritual objective. We jettison the stress, the heat, the electricity of our constant mechanized rush when we give ourselves over to inhaling positive ions and walking barefoot on moist soil. But even as a simple gorgeous sweeping view of our motherland can take our breath away, we're ever drawn to play at being god, mimicking and mutating. Sometimes we do it to garden our own tribulations, sometimes to scare ourselves silly that we might really upset the balance and sometimes it's just the pure joy of playing in the sandbox. I saw Ellen Jewett's prints first, then her sculptures and within a week, I could have sworn one of her creatures was made alive in film. Hers is one of three incredible interviews I participated in this month. ELLEN JEWETT natural history surrealist sculpture

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