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Increasingly, I notice that digital representations of flora and fauna are making it across that uncanny valley - the morass in which your experience is more disturbing than believable, more distracting than fantastic. It's a golden age for movies where if a storyteller can imagine it, an artist can make it happen. I noticed that the movie, Annihilation, seemed to coincide with my meanderings this month, containing not only some obviously fractal-generated landscapes but mashups of not-really- meant-to-be "natural" elements. (Un)Earthly became this month's theme. We very much appreciate your support, as we strive to continue freely giving exposure to as many artisans as possible! Just a reminder, we've joined the PATREON creative community. We want to keep the magazine itself freely distributable so everyone featured inside gets passed around to an ever growing community; and at the same time our biz needs to be sustainable. If you become part of our following on Patreon, you will receive numerous and various perks for contributing monetarily at any level that feels comfortable to you and we will have the benefit of planning a budget around a base of "paid subscriptions." Please help if you can. Welcome to this April issue of Artizen. Artizen magazine is produced by CatStone Press Digital Publications. ©2018. All rights reserved. Artizen is a free publication in its digital form. Subscribing to Artizen with an email address will allow you to receive the link to the magazine in your inbox as soon as it is published. If you would like to advertise in Artizen magazine, please contact for more information and rates. Subscribe HERE On PATREON or get on our EMAIL LIST Receive the digital-only version of Artizen in your inbox for FREE. At just $1 a month, you've made a contribution to the artisan community. At $4 a month, you can download a printable pdf of the magazine to keep and it just gets better from there with our rewards to patrons. PLUS, there will be our blog on Patreon with additional content just for you.

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