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Charlottesville Fall 2012

An interactive Guide to everything artisan in Charlottesville, Virginia featuring creators of everything from food and wine to clothing, fine art and jewelry.

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of the Brew e brewmaster of Devil���s Backbone Brewing Company by Beth Golden g off with a chilled glass s Association World Cup Oliver handed me a generous how could I resist? ssful last summer,��� said ge into the light amber in his o do the same. ���And this year Day instead of July.��� at his addition of the us bartenders who ad seemed to be eivable beverage, any gustatory sense d thanked him for the English-influenced iander, lemon zest, dient familiar to ent antioxidant and The Brewers Association World Cup is the Olympics of beermaking, with 642 breweries participating this year from 44 countries and 47 states ��� entering over 3,000 beers to cross the palates of 179 judges. When I met with Oliver it had only been a month since Devil���s Backbone, located in Virginia���s Blue Ridge Mountains, won the top prize for ���Small Brewpub��� in the Boulder-based competition that recognized his brewmaster prowess as well as awarding a gold medal for his ���Danzig��� Baltic-style porter and bronze medals for three other beers. Devil���s Backbone Brewing Company is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia within Nelson County. etween sips of the moooooth.��� The r-point for the flavors self, and suddenly it occurred lthy introduction to the mpany, where Oliver serves t has experienced a meteoric dustry accolades since its Photo courtesy of Nelson County Life Magazine ���I���m somewhat of a style stickler,��� said Oliver, dusting a bit of brewer���s yeast from the chest of his black chef���s smock. ���I usually follow the traditional German, English, and Belgian methods of brewing ��� but I get my inspiration from all over the place.��� Page 39

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