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Suz Davis celebrates Halloween with a series of fun, childlike pieces full of both design flair and recycled bits and bobs. She sells her work on Etsy, all the while sidling around the midwest region of the US ("I'd like to eventually land in Oregon. That seems like home for some reason.") in a "travel-ready camper" with her husband and son, Elijah. "I want to see Arizona, more of Colorado. We are currently 45 minutes from the New Mexico state line." Many of Suz's jewelry items and decorations are based on a technique of layering papers and then covering the final product with layers of acrylic to increase the sturdiness. My favorites also incorporate repurposed "junk" items, such as old metal jar lids and smashed bottle caps that she and her son habitually pocket from their long walks, taken ever since he was a toddler. She's named that portion of her work the "Rusty Peach Collection."

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