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PLAN YOUR WEDDING The Perfect Wedding Ceremony By Rev. Cory Newell, MAR., MDIV Let Your Personality Shine! T he quest for the perfect wedding - invi- tations, dress, flowers, music, colors - can boggle the minds of the couple. But in all the endless details, it's important that you do not miss the penultimate reality of your wedding day: making a vow to love each other for the rest of life, a proclamation of true love, a public affirmation of your love sto- ry and committing the rest of life to growing that story. Everything else is truly beside the point. Here is a short list of thoughts about how to create an amazing wedding ceremony that will live in your memory forever. 1. Keep the story at the forefront. This is your day! Keep it special. Love was found, and your officiant should focus on your story, weaving it throughout the ceremony. 2. Remember: it is your day. Do what makes you happy. If you want to laugh lots, laugh. If you want to cry, then cry. No prayer, no problem. Find an officiant who will customize the ceremony to you, your beliefs, and your personality. 3. Don't do the traditional vows blindly. Even if you are a traditional person, do you want to blindly say rote words if they mean nothing to you or your spouse? Then ask your officiant for help or write your own! Mix it up with song lyrics, favorite isms, and odd things you routinely do for each other (like secretly celebrating when your other's team loses). The vows are the best part in a ceremony (next to the kiss), so make sure you're being truly you. 4. Tradition is only a guide, not a rule. Some couples feel burdened to include cer- tain "things" in their ceremony. Tradition is only a guide. Have fun with this part. A good officiant will share your story in a way that gets everyone oozing with happiness while celebrating your ceremony. When couples talk to me about including the traditional candle lighting ceremony, I'll ask them why, and will likely suggest something else if it's not meshing. Consider a sand-pouring con- test, gifting a rose to someone who raised you, a family blessing, vows from the new parent to the shared child, or even a first workout or arm wrestling contest. The sky is the limit: be you! 5. The kiss had better be amazing! Along with the vows and the first dance, this moment is one of the features of your wed- ding. Grab your new spouse and passionately embrace each other like no one is watching. The person of your dreams just shared their heart and has committed their love, life, and allegiance to you. Don't be bothered or em- barrassed. Lean in and have at it! No one will mind: most guests will be touched to witness evidence of the love you two share. Love wins always, so get lost in celebrating your love story! What others expect isn't your primary consideration: what do you want? Write it down, assemble an amazing team of vendors, and focus in on that story of love to have the best day ever! Ron Dressel Photography Rob Garland Photographers Eyecaptures Photography PW Photography

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