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THEWEDDINGPLANNERMAG.COM 63 Videography: New Ways to Share and Remember Your Wedding Day! by Vanessa Lane ViewItDoIt S o it happened! He or she popped the question. Now what? How do you pre- serve your big day? How do you capture your first kiss, your first dance, and the start of your beautiful life together? What do you choose: a videographer or cinematographer? Is there a difference? There are many differences between cinema- tographers and videographers. Camera equip- ment, styles of editing, job description, and the quality of the video all help to make a distinction between the two. But understanding the various styles of editing will help narrow your focus of possible professionals. Traditional wedding videos capture most of your entire day with minimal edits. It is several hours long and feels like a family video. Whereas a shortened version is less than an hour with comments from the bride, groom, and guests. Journalistic styles tend to document the day in the order they occurred and storytelling relies on sound bites from the bride and groom to pro- pel the story forward. And then there is the cinematic perspective. The "WOW" factor. It takes a documented video and turns it into an exciting and emotionally dramatic production (a tear jerker). So what is right for you, and what is the wave of the future? Well, that depends on what you want. Many videographers and cinematogra- phers mix various styles of editing together. But like anything, it comes down to the quality of work, the budget, and your gut feeling when in- terviewing a professional to capture your big day. And the futureā€¦..well, we live in a society of instant gratification. Land- lines are almost obsolete. Gone are the days of typewriters. So what is next? LIVE technology. A videographer and cinematographer will have a place at a wedding. But what if grandma is too sick to attend? What if you want to in- vite 300 guests, but can only afford 150? The answer? Make it LIVE. There are many options out there today. Face- book Live is a prime example. But LIVE technology comes in different qualities too. And luckily, Hampton Roads fea- tures one of the newest up and coming LIVE services! ViewItDoIt, a local LIVE streaming business, offers a unique solution to not only stream your wedding LIVE, but give your guests the option to control the cameras no matter where they are in the world. So your guests feel like they have that front row seat even if they are halfway around the world. From letting your guests leave LIVE testimonials to giving you the hi-defi- nition footage at the end of the night, ViewItDoIt is a fantastic option to invite the world to your big day. From videographers to cinematog- raphers to LIVE technology, there are many options to capture one of the most important days of your life. Bot- tom line: Choose what resonates with you and have fun! Dragon Studio Dragon Studio Dragon Studio

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