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36 THEWEDDINGPLANNERMAG.COM Telling Your Story By Nicole Johnson, Montero's Restaurant, Bar & Catering The Menu F rom the first cocktail of the evening to the late-night appetizers at the end of the night, today's couples are choosing menus that tell their story! And while we love to talk about the latest and greatest trends in weddings, there are always the classic essen- tial elements to creating the perfect menu and presentation for your big day. Complete customization tells your story. As we approach 2017, it has quickly become obvious to industry professionals that today's couples are no longer concerned with over- all themes, but are instead interested in the small details that make their wedding concept their own. That makes this an extremely ex- citing time for industry professionals because we know that the more we can customize your event, the more sentiment we essentially add to the evening. And while there are a million ways to incorporate custom details into any event that will give your guests the wow factor that you are looking for, we recommend the following ideas for the 2017-2018 couple: Perfect pairings never go out of style. Today's couples continue to become more and more educated in the food and beverage industry, and expect menus that are exciting, colorful, robust, savory and decadent! The good news is that Hampton Roads caterers and bakers are ready to deliver! Couples can challenge the everyday by incorporating flavors, textures and profiles that perfectly pair with wine and craft brews ( bonus points for local spirits!). Consider pairing your favorite Stout from your favorite local craft brewer with a bacon and brisket slider during cocktail hour, or your favorite Prosecco with a delectable dessert from your cake baker to highlight the end of the evening. Big flavor, little bites, procured locally. One of the things that I always recommend to my clients is to select appetizers that are not only beautiful in presentation, but also pack a punch in flavor. The goal is to get guests ex- cited about the meal! Let your caterer utilize seasonal produce from your region and then create a customized menu around it. If you are interested in a heavy appetizer menu for PLAN YOUR WEDDING The Girl Tyler the evening that will give guests maximum options and showcase a large display - think tiny comfort foods with a sophisticated up- date like mini corndogs with gourmet house- made accompaniments, tiny empanadas, skewered flapjack stacks with colorful fresh berries and caramelized bourbon and maple glaze, or even bite-sized Pop-Tarts with Pun- go strawberries. Your guests will love it! Take it to the next level. Are you a courageous couple ready to set the trends in Hampton Roads? If so, let's talk about elevating your event! Industry experts are predicting that the next big thing in special events is bars, bars, bars! In addition to providing beer, wine and alcohol, couples have been having fun for years dreaming up fabulous signature drink concoctions, and we don't see this trend going away anytime soon. However, couples are taking this trend to the next level by incorporating satellite bars designated specifically for your specialty drinks. Imagine serving his and hers Sazerac's in colored glassware at your monogrammed bar. Complete the bar experience by infus- ing fresh herbs, fruits and berries with your favorite alcohol, and incorporating exciting garnishes. Steller presentation and service are necessary to complete the elevated bar experience. If you need to save space, but still want to keep guests engaged, try a tasting of your favorite preferred wines explained to your guests by an expert sommelier, or nitro craft brews by an expert Cicerone. Michelle Kuzmick Photography Don Mears Photography Michelle Kuzmick Photography

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