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THEWEDDINGPLANNERMAG.COM 15 A DJ's Perspective: Inclement Weather By Roger Cruz, Astro Entertainment A s cliche as it sounds, it is always a good idea to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. On a huge day like your wedding, more than likely this has been in the de- velopment stages for at least a year. Don't let inclement weather ruin all the other plans that have already been set in motion. From a deejay point of view, if a power outage due to an im- pending storm could possibly be an issue, it may be a good idea to have a generator on hand. Generators have been made to run at minimum levels now so it will not disrupt your affair. Having a generator on hand will be sure to be of service to other vendors who may also need power. For outdoor ceremonies, deejays often have plastic bags to place over speakers, mixers and wires to "weather" the storm out. It also important to have extra towels on hand to keep equipment and cords dry. In addition, some DJ companies may have an "equipment damage" clause that charges the client for any damages caused as direct effect of the event; make sure you're aware of this so you can properly prepare a backup plant that will protect the equipment. Technology has advanced to the point where sound can be provided through battery powered, blue tooth compatible speak- ers. Although not as powerful as regular DJ-grade speakers, it will suffice in a pinch. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before wireless speakers will be invented that will meet all DJ sound requirements. Your wedding day is so momentous and requires so much planning. Make sure a solid backup plan is one of your essential elements. So it is vital to plan accordingly. With advancements in DJ technology, it is possible to conceive every possible scenar- io and will definitely give you peace of mind. The Girl Tyler Lucy O Photo Audrey Rose Photography

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