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Are you becoming more creative… or not? It is that simple. What's your answer? Are you more creative today than you were a year ago? One year from today, will you be more creative than you are today… or not? Imagine meeting up with an old friend you had not seen for years. The friend looks at you, shakes her head, and says, "Wow! You've changed." Would you respond, "Yes, I've become much more creative?" Does the answer matter? When you mention the word creativity or innovation, most of us seem to think of artists, writers, musicians, designers, fashion or trend-setters, marketers, software designers, scientists, chemists, medical researchers, or technology gurus. But creativity applies to so much more. How do you communicate? What happens at your dinner table? What fills your weekend calendar? How do you spend your vacations? How do you learn new concepts? How do you teach or mentor? How do you interact with your friends, family, co-workers? What happens at all those meetings that you get to attend? How do you create financial opportunities for today and tomorrow? In what ways do you give back? Do your charity efforts create a ripple effect that will continue for years? What stops us from being more creative? Before we dive in to one simple and powerful strategy for increasing Article Jonathan Fanning Can You Become More Creative? WINTER 2016 | VOLUME 62 | NUMBER 4 | PAGE 47

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