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Book Review Preparing to Teach Social Studies for Social Justice: Becoming a Renegade by Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath The authors present some very important messages here indeed, all focused on how new teachers can incorporate social justice as both a theme and a purpose in their work as educators. In light of various standards and anchors, teachers are faced with having to cover certain content and skills, at the same time they teach useful information for helping society. As a theme, social justice comes through loudly in this book as a topic related to both state standards and Common Core guidelines. The authors do a great job of showing where social justice "fits" into the curriculum and how teachers can include it. Social justice content fits into both social studies courses and units and English/language arts classes and units. After all, reading, evaluating, and discussing social justice content advances social studies goals and standards in general and within the guidelines of the Common Core more specifically. As a purpose for learning, social justice is an activity and an application of relevant community and societal topics and goals. The authors do a very good job of showing how this is the case and how social studies teachers can justify including social justice Review by Thomas Hansen Click the cover to view on Amazon. WINTER 2016 | VOLUME 62 | NUMBER 4 | PAGE 37

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