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Dr. Carolyn Theard- Griggs Dr. Andrea Dinaro "To educate is, in short, to set out to create and sustain informed, hopeful and respectful environments where learning can flourish. It is concerned not just with knowing about things, but also with changing ourselves and the world we live in." - Smith (2012) Whole Child Agency as Advocacy: Addressing the Needs of the Whole Child by First Empowering the Whole Teacher Pre-service teachers enter their university programs with hope and optimism, and a commitment from their higher education institution to learn key elements of the profession of teaching: curriculum development, assessment, instructional strategies, classroom management, professionalism, planning, preparation, and reflection. However, are they taught about their agency or a necessary commitment to lead change? For pre-service and in-service teachers to understand their evolved role in an educational system as change agents, two things must happen: they must acknowledge their position of agency and enact their capacity for change. Thus, instruction in agency and "the knowledge base for changing the conditions that affect teaching" (Fullan, 1993, p. 11) are essential as components of supporting the 'whole teacher' as an advocate. WINTER 2016 | VOLUME 62 | NUMBER 4 | PAGE 16

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