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Tradition tells us it's bad luck to see each other before the wedding, but more couples are breaking this age-old custom and embracing a first look. A first look is a private moment where the couple quietly slips off to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Photographers and videographers capture this emotional, intimate moment. While some couples want to experience that emotional moment at the aisle, there are key advantages of embracing this new trend: Increased timeline flexibility: If you wait to see each other at the aisle, you typically only have the cocktail hour for photos. While wedding professionals can usually make that work, what if it's raining during that hour and you can't have the magnificent outdoor photos you had imagined with the beautiful West Virginia landscape? Having a first look allows photos to be taken earlier in the day and sometimes avoid weather disasters. More time for fun: The earlier photos are taken, the more your family can focus on enjoying the moment and having fun in their photos. Later in the day, family may get distracted greeting guests or taking care of a wedding related matter. With photos out of the way, you and your wedding party may have time to attend your cocktail hour, which could be a perfect time for you to greet your guests. More time for romance: Seeing each other prior to the ceremony may eliminate last-minute jitters, freeing you to enjoy the day and your mate. It also provides your photographer and videographer with incredible opportunities to capture poignant moments neither of you will want to forget. TIP: Allow time for things like a small snack for you and your wedding party so you are not famished and feeling faint by the time you get dressed or bustling of your dress and removal of your veil. Even the smallest of details require time and deserve a slot on your wedding day schedule. The First Look! PLAN YOUR WEDDING Callie Lindsey Photography Meredith Dickens Photography THEWEDDINGPLANNERMAG.COM 53

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