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Hacking a Methodology for Rapid Application Development on Computers for Supporting Deeper Learning in the Classroom Scrum is a new addition to the educational lexicon, providing teachers a framework for empowering learners to work together collaboratively, supporting project-based learning. Educators in Goochland County, Virginia are using Scrum to support their 1:1 program with focused on deeper learning. John G. Hendron, Ed.D. John Hendron is Director of Innovation and Strategy for Goochland County Public Schools. He is co-author of Ubiquitous Computing in Schools (2014) available through the iTunes Store ( Z6JmFm). Joseph Beasley Joseph Beasley is a 5th grade teacher at Goochland Elementary School. He is passionate about bringing technology, music, and arts into the classroom. James Frago James Frago is currently serving as a long-term substitute teacher of social studies and science at Goochland Middle School and has begun implementing Scrum with middle schoolers. Virginia Educational Leadership Vol. 13 2016 36

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