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VASCD engages actively to influence education policy in Virginia. We are not known primarily as a policy organization, but we are aware of the need for policymakers, specifically the Virginia Board of Education and General Assembly, to hear directly from the education community about the impact of their decisions on teaching and learning in our classrooms. We believe that Virginia students deserve schools where they learn important content while developing skills needed for success in postsecondary education, the workplace and the community. We believe our students need classrooms where subject matter is interesting and relevant, the 5 C's (Critical inking, Creative inking, Communication, Collaboration, and Citizenship) are emphasized, and social- emotional learning is intentional. ese classrooms should be supported by state systems that are balanced and restrained in their approach to measurement, provide flexibility where it leverages improvement, and value the skills and perspectives of those who work directly with students every day. Specifically, VASCD supports: • Revision of the Standards of Learning (SOL) to more directly support the Profile of a Graduate and reflect the knowledge and skills most relevant in the current century. • A balanced assessment system that informs instruction while providing sufficient data for accountability purposes. • A multi-metric accountability and reporting system that is understandable to all stakeholders, transparent, and relies more on real data than labels. Continuous Improvement and Meaningful Results: VASCD's Education Policy Priorities for 2016-2017 Virginia Educational Leadership Vol. 13 2016 4

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