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I ran into Alex and Josh Nozick's furniture booth at a huge Baltimore artisan show and in my first sweeping glance, I thought to myself "These guys raid metal junk heaps and abandoned cars." My next thought was "Cool industrial, though; and nice colors." Interview by Cindy Marks At this point my quick revery was interrupted by one of the brothers themselves, inviting me to sit down and try out a chair. "It doesn't look comfortable does it?" he asked and I laughed, "Not really, no, but it is very interesting. And looks well made." "Try it," he said. So I gingerly squatted into a chair. It gave slightly and its ultra smooth finish when combined with that perfect amount of spring, turned out to be plenty welcoming. I sat for a little while, wanting to be sure the comfort didn't wear off after the initial pleasant surprise, and eyed these two sort of lumberjack mechanics, who apparently made carefully constructed, kind of odd, kind of very "guy" furniture... 35

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