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38 THEWEDDINGPLANNERMAG.COM by Susan Sorbello, Owner/Designer, Wedding gown shopping can be a daunting process. How does a bride know whether she is getting a fair deal when she says yes? With over twenty years creating wedding gowns, I am here to share! A few years ago, I was helping Janice find the gown of her dreams. She had narrowed her choice and finally decided on "the one". At this point, she presented reams of paper saying, "Your gown is $1000. I can buy it on any one of these websites for $469. I couldn't possibly buy it from you unless you reduce your price". I was shocked. I explained there was no way those gowns were genuine – after all, I couldn't buy it for that! Janice left, saying the internet prices were too good for her to walk away, and she had to take a chance. For the most part, the gowns in bridal boutiques cannot be purchased online. So if you find that gown you tried on for sale on the internet, is it genuine? Look at the authorized stores on the Designer's website or contact them and ask if that site is authorized to sell their collection. (Consignment websites and boutiques are exceptions to this.) Authoriza- tion matters because stores have to prove their fitness to a designer to carry the collection. When the design- er finds a fraudu- lent supplier, they cut off the supply without notice. Fraudulent websites frequently copy the pictures from the designers' own site to make it appear that is the gown you are getting. It is not! They do not have knowledge of the fabric, beading, or internal construction. Importantly, they do not have the designer's pattern, which would have taken many drafts and fittings to produce. Have you noticed how some designers have an extraordinary fit, and others not so much? The quality and cost of fabrics used in a fake is a dead giveaway! Cheap synthetics bear no similarity to fabrics in the genuine article. I have seen fakes using fabrics costing around $10 total! Compare that to top quality Italian silk and Leavers lace costing several hundred dollars per yard in the real McCoy! Genuine gowns use Swarovski Crystals, and delicate hand-sewn beading, whereas fakes may use chunky plastic beads, or glued on plastic sequins. Poor quality mate- Can You Get A Better Wedding Gown Deal Online? Internet gown between two gowns showing high quality silk and beading

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