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THEWEDDINGPLANNERMAG.COM 27 1. The trial run is worth it It's a good idea to meet the artist that will be working with you on your big day. Most brides are nervous and have a lot on their minds on the big day. Why add to the stress by not knowing who you will be styling your hair? At the trial run, it's a good idea to figure out what you want so that the day of can just be executing the style and plan you have already de- cided on. It's best to both be on the same page going into the big day. The biggest mistake you can make is to experiment the day of. Who has time for that? 2. Speak up So you're at the hair trial and you're not sure you like the end result. What do you do? SPEAK UP! if the Artist is skilled in wedding hair, and knows what she's doing it's typically a mat- ter of communication rather than skill. Maybe the braids you thought were cute in the photo are looking just blah on you. Maybe the photo you showed looked great on the model but you are now questioning if it's the look you want to com- mit to on your big day. Or maybe you wanted a looser look but the style is looking a little too prom-ish on you. Don't be afraid to tell your Artist what you want (and don't want for that matter!). She will know if you are unhappy and so will everyone else. Its not worth it. This is your big day. You de- serve to get the style you want. No matter how shy you are, your best bet is to be honest. Trying to be "nice" and pretend you like something that you really do NOT won't help you. And it doesn't help your artist either. If you are afraid to tell her you don't like it, try being specific about the style so it's not personal. Like maybe "I thought I would like the looser curls but they are looking a bit too messy, is there a way we could tighten them up?" Who would take offenses to that! 3. Ask for feedback The Artist styling your hair is likely a professional. Chances are they have done this a few times. Why not ask for their opinion? You may like what she suggests, but it's your job to ask. She is the professional after all! 4. Wear a button down shirt or shirt that is loose fitting around the neck on your big day. A turtle neck is a bad idea girls. You need something that will be easy to remove with- out messing up your style. That goes for the makeup too! 5. Photos, Photos, Photos When it comes to hair, it's best to know what you want going into the trial. The first thing the stylist will ask you is what you want. If you don't know what you want, it's hard to help you. Going into a hair trial (or wedding day) completely blind or clueless is not a good idea. Bring photos. Use adjec- tives. For example, "I want something loose and romantic rather than tight and sleek." How much volume do you want? How tight do you want the curls? All of these things are important for the hair stylists to know upfront. With hair, pros start with and end in mind. They prep the hair in the beginning to achieve a certain style. If you don't want what the goal is, it's hard to please you. Follow those 5 tips and you are golden!! Lots of love, The Charlottesville Makeup Artist Hair and Makeup Team Wedding Hair Do's and Dont's 5 Tips for a Flawless Big Day Katelyn James

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