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26 THEWEDDINGPLANNERMAG.COM Do something with those brows: Why you shouldn't be a "Brow Virgin" on your wedding day! Most Brides know that eye brows are important. But not all Brides think to do something about them. Brows are an often overlooked ( but crucial!) part of your face, and are especially important for photos. Why? Your eye brows will essentially "frame" your face on your wedding day. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then brows are the curtains! Every Bride wants to look their absolute best the day of their wedding. "Grooming " your brows ahead of time will ensure that your Makeup Artist can do her job properly. When brows are a bushy, un-kept mess, makeup only makes they look like more of a mess. Makeup can adhere to them funny, and they just don't look clean. You know what else will thank you? Believe it or not, your eye shadow! When stray brow hairs creep into the eyelid the makeup on the eye lids can look less than professional. Your photographer will likely be using an HD lens to photograph you, and if stray brow hairs are encroaching onto your eyelid, your photos will be less than optimal. Your eyes will pop more, your brows will frame your face better, and your eye shadow will lay smoother if your brows are neatly groomed and shaped prior to makeup application. When brows are trimmed and shaped, makeup makes they POP, which in turn makes your eyes POP. And who doesn't want their eyes to pop in the photos on their wedding day? If you are familiar with the brow grooming process, I would recommend making an appointment with the person who usually does the threading or waxing of your brows. Do not try someone new a day before your wedding! Make an appointment with someone you have already tried (and were happy with) in the past and explain that you want to feel safe on your wedding day with a professional that is familiar to you. If you are currently a brow virgin and have never even thought about your brows until you read this article, don't fret! All of us were "virgins" at one point and there are still plenty of you out there! All you need to do is make an ap- pointment with a salon or beauty professional for a consult. You can also get some advice from cosmetics stores like Ulta – even they have a "brow bar." You do not want to do this "trial run" DAYS before your wedding (more like weeks or months!). While a bad skin reaction is rare, it is still possible. And doing this last minute is not worth the risk. My advice is to head out there ASAP – like MONTHS before your wedding and see how your skin reacts to hair removal on your face. The eyes can be a sensitive area for some people, and since you never know until you try, it's best to play it safe. The rea- son you want to do this months ahead of time is to see how your skin reacts. Use this information to decide how many days in advance of your wedding day you want to make your appointment with the hair removal professional near you. Cheers, The Charlottesville Makeup Artist Hair and Makeup Team c h a r l o t t e s v i l l e at YOUR location on YOUR special day ® Don't Be a "Brow Virgin" Jen Fariello

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