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THEWEDDINGPLANNERMAG.COM 55 T here are many details that go into planning your perfect wedding. It is important to remember those moments – and use them to create a treasure that will last for years to come. Selecting a photographer and videographer Selecting a photographer and videographer is a serious matter. Consider the fact that you are giving to someone else the responsibility for archiving your memories from what may well be the biggest day of your life. Friends or family members may offer to provide photography or videography services as a wedding gift. Please think about this when they offer, as there is a lot more to capturing the perfect shots than merely pointing a camera and shooting. As a professional wedding planner, I have heard horror stories from many brides about their wedding pictures and video. You must seriously consider hiring experienced pro- fessionals who have a track record of producing quality work. The adage "you get what you pay for" is certainly applicable here. Your memories of your wedding day are priceless, so why would you cut corners when it comes to preserving those memories? When the cake is gone, the dress is hung in the closet, and the flowers have wilted, it will be the pictures and video that will last for a lifetime. A few questions you should ask your potential photog- raphers/videographers: How many cameras do you carry? How many photographers will be shooting your wedding? How many weddings have they shot over the past 5 years? Also, be sure to ask them to see a few complete weddings they have done and a few videos of past couples. Anyone can pick and choose pictures and make their portfolio look amazing, but seeing their work on an entire wedding will show the real beauty of their work. A lot of people opt not to get a professional videographer, and I always want to know why. I know pictures are great, but it is so much fun to be able to watch that video over the years. A video will show your actions, catch all those great dance moves, and capture some of the sweetest moments that simply can't be preserved in photos. Moments to capture After you select your photographer/videographer, make a list of the moments you want to capture and the people with whom you want to have pictures made. Consider the number of pictures you want to take before the ceremony. Be sure your wedding coordinator has a copy of this so that he or she can help your photographer keep things moving smoothly and enough time is allowed to take all of the pictures. Love at first sight Many brides and grooms are opting for a first-look mo- ment that allows for most of the pictures to be taken pre-cer- emony. This reduces the time required for pictures after the wedding and keeps your guests from waiting a long time for you to get to the reception and is an excellent choice when a cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception is not planned. During a first-look shoot, the groom still gets to experience the awe of seeing his bride in her gown for the first time, but it happens in an intimate, private setting with the photog- raphers capturing every emotion. I have found this to be a special moment between the bride and groom, and often more emotional than the first look coming down the aisle. At the end of the day, the amazing photos and video are what you will look back on and smile about. Sarah Garland Photography

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