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Article Yes! They Can! Getting Started with Developmentally Appropriate Writing for 3-6 Year Old Students Debra Honegger Our youngest learners are definitely great storytellers. They hold the ability to compose a story long before they have the skills to transcribe the story on paper. So, how do we, as educators, tap into their storytelling ability? We teach our students how to compose picture books. Getting Started—A Focus on Composition: Picture books are a natural media for students. They know the structure of picture books, as well as the format allows us to teach the skills of writing composition through the students' illustrations. Making picture books is important for beginning writers because it takes time for them to become fluent with getting the words down on paper. Making picture books by representing meaning in illustrations makes so much for possible for young writers (Wood Ray, 2010). Composing a picture book rather than using a single page and/ or journaling will lead to much deeper thinking, sequential events and details. As an instructional coach, I receive a lot of questions about how do I engage my students in meaningful writing instead of just scribbling on a page and calling it a story. There are a couple of "mini-lessons" for starting that will help SUMMER 2016 | VOLUME 62 | NUMBER 2 | PAGE 51

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