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Dr. Andrea Dinaro "From his synthesis of decades of research, Kahneman (2011) has concluded that human thinking comprises two mental systems. System 1 engages in automatic (fast) thinking; among other things, this system helps us read and write words effortlessly, gauge the distance of objects, and answer simple math problems. System 2 entails more effortful (slow) thinking, such as focusing on a conversation in a noisy room, comparing products when making a purchase, and determining the validity of a complex argument. The trouble is, our brains are—in a word—lazy, says Kahneman. We default to System 1, and only with effort power up System 2. In short, critical thinking requires effort and doesn't spring automatically from a pen moving across paper" - Bryan Goodwin (2014) Whole Child A Family Conversation about Finding Your Voice: Writing and the Whole Child Initiative SUMMER 2016 | VOLUME 62 | NUMBER 2 | PAGE 16

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