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PLAN YOUR WEDDING The Wedding Rubik's Cube: Event Design & Decor Y ou've spent so much time flipping through the wedding magazines and seeing extravagant design and décor that by the time you sit down to figure out your own wedding reception design, you are one knee-jerk reaction to book- ing that flight to Bora Bora for an elopement. I've seen that overwhelmed, sensory-overloaded look on one too many brides' face mid-way through the planning process. They want to make their wedding beautiful, uniquely "them" and show-stopping – where's a wand and fairy dust when you need one? It can feel like an impossible puzzle to solve but there are a few tips that will crack the code to those three-di- mensional décor woes. The first tip is to pick one or two areas to highlight. Many times brides feel like they need every square inch of recep- tion covered in some kind of décor but we really need to think about the overall picture. It might be the entrance to reception and sweetheart table or maybe it's the headtable and dessert table but pick an area or two that you would like to pull out all of the stops. Remember, your guest tables, food stations, bars, dessert stations and any other additional items such as photo/video booths will fill out the rest! The second tip is on how to decorate these selected areas. One of my favorite options is event lighting. The common misconception is that event lighting is overpriced and is of- ten considered an "extra" if it can fit in the budget. Lighting can transform the look and feel of a space and give you that glamorous ambiance that no other vendor can. A little bit of uplighting and a few pin spots will make a big impression on your guests while keeping the labor cost low. An experienced event lighting professional can help you pick the prime area(s) to highlight and can help you select a custom color for your event if you find yourself having trouble deciding. My other favorite is linen selection. It's the nail polish to your well-manicured reception. You might not be able to put a specialty linen on every single guest table but you can still have that to-die-for, twirl-worthy linen on your headtable or dessert station. Since we are not placing these specialty linens on every table, don't be afraid to be bold in color or textured design. There are so many unique patterns, textures and colors available that mirror the fashion world, your unique style won't be missed! Mike Topham Photography by Amy Lewis Venue Coodinator, Dover Hall

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