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Sydney Lynch's jewelry has fine Feng Shui. I visualize it as sculpture, huge pieces in the courtyard of an urban landscape. As a painting, perhaps, reminding us of natural balance even as it blends with hard angles. But then we wouldn't be able to WEAR it. So I should just be grateful that the forms are just available as lovely small gems. I term her design "modern organic" given the mix of materials and shapes. It turns out that is close to how she, herself, defines her work - "I sometimes describe my aesthetic as "organic geometry. " That is, I like simple forms like circles, squares and rectangles, but I prefer a softer, more natural line, over hard-edged and industrial. It's a huge umbrella, but nature is my primary design source. Even as a child I collected rocks and seashells. Leaves and flowers were part of my earliest visual vocabulary. I'm rarely literal in my interpretations of natural forms, however." I think her work speaks for itself, but I did ask if she would share some of the secrets behind the oxidized silver that she uses to such advantage and that I've been seeing increasingly in recent jewelry. "Oxidizing is intentionally tarnishing the silver. When the pieces 22

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