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With the guidance and support of the original Wild Ones , a new tribe continues their legacy today. Once each of us experienced the New River Gorge for ourselves—its beauty, its power, its majesty— sharing it with others became our undeniable calling. That's the beautiful thing about our tribe. There's a true sense of friendship and family among our staff and guests alike. The camaraderie that develops by venturing out to conquer a new route, perfect a move or experience the river again is addictive. Instinctively, when you share a great adventure with someone, a deep connection is born—a wildly contagious camaraderie. These bonds run strong and deep. You'll sense an awakening that invigorates, thrills and inspires both you and your fellow adventurers. Celebrating these moments at the end of every day feels as though you are really living the dream and sharing it with your own friends. As you look around, you'll realize that you are in on the secret. You have crossed the threshold. You, too, have become a Wild One . The Wild Ones

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