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T hroughout history, there have been grand tales of explorers and adventurers who have left the comfort of their homes to see what else life had to offer. They went off to tread paths, climb mountains and travel rivers in search of the next great Adventure. The journey, the friendships, and the camaraderie became as much a part of the story as the final destination. These folks are the original Wild Ones . Such tales aren't just a nod to the original explorers who sailed over the edge and found new continents. They are prevalent in our culture today. Take our company founders for example; men who came from different walks of life with future plans in place, who came to West Virginia on canoe and raft trips in the late '60s and '70s. The forebearers fell in love with running the river and the way of life it breeds. They lived to ride the rapids, tell tall tales and sing songs by the fire. There was a camaraderie each one felt for each other and it gave such meaning to their lives. The Wild Ones each found themselves changed and wanting to become a part of this engaging tribe. Their stories would be told to others back home and more people would follow. The Wild Ones

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