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Each piece is created using traditional, very detailed, Medieval glass painting techniques. Elements are hand cut and painted, then kiln-fired, melting the paint permanently onto the glass. The panels are then assembled and typically layered into a light box for display. "I work in layered glass, so most of these "Cavalieri & Crumb" panels are three layers deep. The perspective in the layout is exaggerated by overlapping the stained glass." "Raising the bar to a more detailed yet less mainstream artist such as Mr. Crumb is a natural step in the progression of my art, as well as a very exciting challenge. Though his work dates from the 70's I still find it extremely fresh." Joseph was staying with the Tanzer family in Melbourne, Australia while enjoying a residency at Monash University. "My host had a collection of original comics, including about 30 of R. Crumb! I totally flipped out when he showed these originals. I incorporated some of the figures from these comics." Cavalieri then sent off some sketches to Mr. Crumb himself to see what he thought of the idea and quickly received a very favorable response. " His drawings are pen and ink on paper. I need to translate the designs by finely painting enamel with a paint brush onto the glass surface. The work is very precise, especially when he works in the cross hatching technique. In my original e-mail to Mr. Crumb I stated I will do my best to duplicate his style of drawing onto glass, as precisely as humanly possible. I feel I have been successful." 39

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