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to dedicate the Etsy shop to upcycled creations and a few vintage items. The shop started as "PaperSpongedotcom" because of the illustrations and my "sister blog" Recently, I changed the shop name to GadgetSponge. I'm really not sure where it's all going. It started as a site to feature my tinkering projects and whatever else turned up from the garage. I think in the future GadgetSponge will focus more and more on the celebration of upcycling. My hope and philosophy is to give things a longer life than originally intended. So, right now, is a hub for all the things I really enjoy doing. Artizen: One final question before you go. Who is the man behind the artisan? Brian: I'm a big believer in karma and Murphy's Law. I believe what you put out there with others is what you get back eventually. And that goes for nature just as much as society. I strongly believe we are responsible not only for ourselves on this planet, but literally everything else as well. Everything we do has a consequence, whether good or bad. It doesn't take much to "do the right thing" as far as how your actions effect your surroundings. There's a lot of pride for me in using old things as much as possible to create new ones. I hate the thought of unnecessary things going to landfills. As far as personality, I'm conscious of others and their needs. I hope that I'm a great father, husband, friend and worker. No matter how much I get done each day, it still doesn't feel like enough. That's mostly a curse I feel I've put on myself, but I'd rather live this way than to be satisfied with just small achievements here and there. I don't really feel I'm that unique. I'm sure there are many other folks out there chipping away at life trying to find their niche one way or another. Maybe one day I'll be unique in that I'll earn a living by not "working" but "playing". Giving new life to old junk. Artizen: Au contraire, Brian. You may not be earning a living by "playing" according to your terms, but you are definitely unique. ~ You'll find Brian hanging out at any of these locations: 57

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