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Artizen: I would have such a difficult time letting go of these fabulous and individually unique pieces. How many of your birdhouse creations sit in your own backyard? Brian: Actually only a handful. I'd say around 5 or so, not counting ones that family and friends have. I think I'm addicted to getting my work out and having each piece find a new home for others to enjoy. Artizen: Do you have an all-time favorite project? Brian: My wife tells me that I have fads. I can't argue with her because whatever my current avenue of upcycling is at the time is usually my favorite. At least temporarily. Upcycled birdhouses will always be home base for me. I really enjoy trying to create something unique 52 each time. I think I'm almost up to ar different birdhouses so far. I have a b crush on woodworking right now als as satisfying working with old wood o different textures on wood as it is wit metal objects. Artizen: I think you are an undispute Is this your day job? Brian: I feel like a gladiator with a tit like "Undisputed Artisan!" Is that a t- somewhere? Oh, if only upcycled art main job! I'm a professional freelance designer and have been in the graphi for almost 20 years in one way or ano pays the most bills right now. I defini that one day I can enjoy working sole

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