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Page 50 of 60 ART. Sometimes it's collected, displayed, and dusted. Other times it's hidden away from the world due to it's irreplaceable value. And then there is art that participates in everyday living - like the scrap-hacky birdhouses, lamps and other creations by Brian Carlisle at We recently sat down with Brian to find out more about his creative process and whether his business was "for the birds." Artizen: Your whimsical birdhouses are divine. Take us back to the beginning of how they came to be. Brian: It all started with a hammered copper coal bin. I ran across it, I'm sure, at an antique and collectibles shop somewhere. For some reason I started seeing the characteristics of a birdhouse in its features. A sloped roof to follow the mouth of the coal bin. The handle was a perfect perch. Then some fabrications with a chimney, side perches and more. I showed my friend Chris my creation and she immediately had to have it. She was my first paying customer and ordered two more upcycled birdhouses as gi┼┐ts for friends. Artizen: What inspires you? Brian: A walk through a salvage or junk yard is probably right at the top. But a close second place is seeing the creativity and original ideas that other artists come up with and feeding off their energy, then running right back out in the garage to continue pushing down my particular creative veins. Whether it's seeing old items that have many different possibilities and running with those (old garden faucet handles come to mind), or just coming back from a "junk haul" and seeing what talks to one another and becomes something new again. Another fun past time is connecting with other artists socially and throwing ideas and experiences back and forth and bonding over similar circumstances and skills. 51

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