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GOURDS So I'd seen dippers and birdhouses in the craft shows I attended as a kid growing up in a small town in America. But when Denny walked over to introduce himself at one of the largest shows in the US, I had to fess up that I hadn't ever really given gourds much of a second glance until I rounded the corner into his booth. Suddenly, I was staring at $10,000 to $20,000 vessels that obviously took hours of meticulous carving. Not in Kansas anymore. Turns out I was in Indiana. Or rather, that's where Denny Wainscott lives when not traveling with these beautiful, earthy heirlooms. As Denny and I talked it became clear that here was a man grounded deeply, in all the best senses of that phrase, to his land and his family. My first questions as I took in the work were about the clear Native American aspects of his carvings and he told tales of hunting and growing crops, honoring and respecting the resources of nature; lessons not originating from a native tribe but instead from his grandfathers on both sides of his family. Later, as he learned more on his own, those seeds were reinforced by reading Native American literature and he found a sympatico philosophy. In his favorite piece, Vision Quest, he's carved a lot of that philosophy into a story. (Watch the video on the page 28 and Denny tells the story himself.) dy Marks My own personal favorite was a piece he showed me called Disappearing Icon, a very

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