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The Journal of Maine Education is published by the Maine chapter of ASCD with acknowledgements of in-kind contributions from the University of Maine at Augusta. Our mission is to shape, energize and customize learning for all Maine educators.

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Volume XXXI - Page 93 - 2015 Supporting Professional Development INFUSION OF ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION IN TEACHER EDUCATION With the desire to cultivate a "nature passion" in University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) pre-service teachers and to provide them with environmental education strategies to incorporate into their teaching we organized an Environmental Education workshop, comprised of three programs – Project Wet, Project Wild, and Project Learning Tree. Facilitators from the three different programs were invited and provided an all-day workshop for pre-service teachers. ese facilitators trained pre-service teachers to use the curricula materials effectively, and pre-service teachers walked away with three comprehensive sets of curricula from the three programs. In addition, the middle/high pre- service teacher participants also taught three lessons they learned from the workshop to 10th grade biology students at a local high school. at experience helped the middle/high school pre-service teachers internalize the importance of environmental education. CAROLE K. LEE GRACE EASON All photos courtesy of Project Wet, Project Wild and Project Learning Tree Facebook pages.

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