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The Journal of Maine Education is published by the Maine chapter of ASCD with acknowledgements of in-kind contributions from the University of Maine at Augusta. Our mission is to shape, energize and customize learning for all Maine educators.

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Volume XXXI - Page 77 - 2015 Teacher Leadership and School Leadership: A PROGRESS REPORT We have been studying and writing about teacher leadership for several years. One study of teacher leaders in Maine produced the Spheres for Teacher Leadership Action for Learning (Fairman & Mackenzie, 2012) which described all the ways we saw teachers involved in leadership. Teachers as leaders act in a variety of ways and roles with individuals, teams, and the entire system concentrating specifically on improving teaching and learning for all students. We think of leadership as a function or activity, not a role, with many people engaged in "leadership" action (Leithwood & Riehl, 2003; Fullan, 2006; Donaldson, 2006; Hargreaves & Fink, 2005). School leadership involves the interaction among all the educators working toward a vision of the school that centers on ensuring quality learning for all students (Donaldson, 2006; Fullan, 2004; Smylie & Hart, 1999). Teacher leadership is dynamic, complex, and context dependent. THE LEADERSHIP FOR LEARNING FRAMEWORK Lately we have collaborated with a group of international scholars on teacher leadership and presented our collective research in the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) symposium in Portugal this past fall. Several of these colleagues have been active in developing and implementing programs using e Leadership for Learning Framework (LfL) which was created in 2002 as part of the Carpe Vitam Project at Cambridge University and is now called Leadership for Learning: e Cambridge Network (Leadership for Learning: JANET C. FAIRMAN SARAH V. MACKENZIE

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