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Volume XXXI - Page 68 - 2015 e Maine Arts Assessment Initiative: UNITING ASSESSMENT & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN ARTS EDUCATION So much emphasis is placed on reading, writing, mathematics, and Common Core disciplines, that visual and performing arts may not be represented in the conversation and research on assessment. As new policies in education continue to emerge, the focus is fixed around general education practice: literacy, numeracy, and standardized testing. What about educational programs that exist beyond the boundaries of general education? Since August 2011, arts educators in Maine have collaborated in a grassroots effort known as the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI), with a focus on the improvement of assessment by visual and performing arts educators. Since it's beginning, there have been four summer institutes, over fiy workshops, ten regional conferences, and five statewide conferences designed and presented by MAAI teacher leaders for other arts educators. ere are now over 55 teacher leaders who have designed and presented workshops. One of the key benefits for arts educators was getting extended time to engage in deep learning about classroom assessment. e potential contributions by arts educators to general classroom assessment may be their insights into emerging roles as leaders in assessment, as well as their direct involvement in JEFFREY S. BEAUDRY SARAH RITZ SWAIN ARGY NESTOR "Acknowledging that each teaching venue is unique and specific...arts can be taught and facilitated without losing the essential nature of the aesthetic. Rigorous teaching does not discount assessment, it creates contextual assessment." (Taylor & Kincheloe, 2006, p. 7-8).

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