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The Journal of Maine Education is published by the Maine chapter of ASCD with acknowledgements of in-kind contributions from the University of Maine at Augusta. Our mission is to shape, energize and customize learning for all Maine educators.

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Volume XXXI - Page 52 - 2015 Supporting Professional Growth And Competency With Implementation Science BRIAN CAVANAUGH Mrs. Vincent is a sixth year teacher and has spent the past four years teaching 7th grade at Waterfront Middle School. She has several colleagues in the school that she has become close friends with and she also "loves her kids." She is also the chair of the school's literacy committee having been appointed by the principal aer finding that the school had been targeted by the state for assistance given its low scores in reading on the state achievement test. However, Mrs. Vincent is struggling this year. She is having difficulty with the new district writing curriculum because the district couldn't pay for enough training. Mrs. Vincent also is experiencing increased difficulty addressing challenging behavior in her classroom. Several students have histories of abuse and the community is experiencing economic distress with the closing of two large businesses in a nearby community. is included a local factory where her recently laid-off husband worked. Mrs. Vincent is stressed. She has contemplated searching for a new teaching position or even leaving the field altogether. She feels as if she is simply "treading water." Stories like Mrs. Vincent's are not unusual in education. Indeed, the need to support educational professionals in today's schools has received increased attention due to numerous political, social, economic, and community factors. With increased achievement standards for students and criticism of teachers in the field becoming more prevalent, there is a need to create opportunities for professional growth that are feasible, relevant, and sustainable.

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