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Volume XXXI - Page 34 - 2015 Professional Development on a Tightrope: BALANCING SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING AND DIRECT INSTRUCTION What kinds of professional development activities resonate most with teachers today? Over the past thirty years, we have experienced a "Heinz 57" of professional development approaches in education. Some were inspiring and motivating, helping teachers and administrators to improve. Others provided a new framework or set of skills to help improve professional practices. Finally, there were but a few that amounted to an almost complete waste of time. Teachers and administrators know that professional development is valued and valuable. At its best, it encourages trying new strategies with students and teachers and stretching present skills. Even more importantly, it can feed the heart and soul of an educator. However, as a teacher, I would oen note colleagues who appeared unengaged, distracted, or simply less invested in improving their teaching practices. We see them in every school: grading papers, reading the newspaper, rolling their eyes, doing crossword puzzles, ELIZABETH A. SCHULTZ PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT MODELS

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