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The Journal of Maine Education is published by the Maine chapter of ASCD with acknowledgements of in-kind contributions from the University of Maine at Augusta. Our mission is to shape, energize and customize learning for all Maine educators.

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Volume XXXI - Page 115 - 2015 GRADUATE PROGRAMS AND NETWORKS No More Isolation, Please! Four years ago my husband told me to go get a master's degree. He had just earned his master's in literacy and saw that the University of Maine at Orono was offering a master's in literacy and writing. "Two years of online courses and three summers of seminars, and you're done!" he assured me. "You love reading. You love writing. is is so perfect for you!" I was still nursing our third child. (One child every other year tends to turn a woman's mind to mush.) I had returned to work full time and had recently taken in one of my students. It was my first year teaching A.P. English Literature and Composition and only my second year piloting the majority of my school's new elective English courses. I felt like a first year teacher with four preps, four children, and four distinct personalities: sane, crazy, overwhelmed, and exhausted. us it was the perfect time to embark on a graduate degree. Once my husband (also known as technical support) talked me through the arduous process of learning how to log onto my Mainstreet account, how to sign up for classes and participate electronically in this new world of discussion forums, hyperlinks, and digital media, I began to see that aer ten years of teaching in high schools in New Hampshire and Maine, I had been largely isolated from my fellow teachers. In fact, I hadn't only been estranged from collaboration, I had stopped writing, the very reason I wanted to become a writing teacher in the first place. How could classes online and seminars in the summer bring me closer to other teachers and the subject I had been teaching for a decade? EMILY MORRISON

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