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Article 3 Apps every Teacher Should Start Using ASAP Joe Mullikin The integration of technology in education has been a steady directive for most school districts, administrators and teachers over the past 15 years. Even with this, effective integration of technology isn't always the norm and is typically limited by one of the following factors: (1) cost, (2) teacher comfort, or (3) student access. To help overcome these factors there are a number of innovators in the educational market which are working tirelessly to create cost effective, user friendly applications for teachers and districts. Currently there are many major internet providers who are working to provide affordable internet and computers for low income students outside of school. Comcast has a program called "Internet Essentials" which allows families that have students who qualify for free and reduced lunches to gain access to internet for as low as $9.95/month. They also provide the opportunity for these families to purchase functional computers for as little as $149.99 plus tax. For more information on this program visit Comcast at www. Check with your local providers to see what programs they have to help give our student's consistent and reliable access to a computer and internet. With Comcast and other companies helping to provide students with access to internet outside of the classroom it then becomes our responsibility as 21st SUMMER 2015 | VOLUME 61 | NUMBER 2 | PAGE 47

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