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Playtime by Michael Helander love the old fashioned way... ...MAKE SOMETHING! When I sat down to write this article, one question kept coming to mind: "What makes an Artisan?" Of course I've read the official entries, but there's so much more to an artisan than the black and white text of a definition. What is their back story? What decisions were made in their lifetime to bring them to the point of creativity today? What drives them and motivates them? And perhaps we all have just a bit of this potential if we dare to dive in? I found myself thinking again about those questions as I approached Michele Pacey, a multi-craſtural (her own words), blogger, mother, wife, multi-lingual French Canadian who grew up as child #4 in a household with 11 children! Can you imagine differentiating yourself in a houseful of kids that large? Today, she runs a popular craſt blog called Michele Made Me. I'm irresistibly drawn to people like Michele, despite having never met face-to-face, because of our common passion to create with existing resources – trash, recycling, junk and second hand. We've come up with all kinds of fancy 9

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