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The beds in your home, whether they are just for you, for a couple, or a family bed, are all sacred spaces. There, comfort and security morph into relaxation, sweet dreams and renewed energy to greet the day. There's not a a better gift than a luxurious set of sheets to show your love for yourself or your family. Artizen has been peeking under the internet covers for a while, feeling out the reviews and opening the packages to see what we could find out about truly superb bedding. While durability, thread count, gorgeous colors or patterns and the name on the tag all bring their assets to great sheets, we felt that what would really be outstanding are the sheets that people LOVE because they are welcoming, comforting and long lasting. The bamboo sheets by Yala get rave reviews and on top of that, Yala has done an excellent job making the production of bedding as green and culturally supportive as possible. The family and growing staff behind Yala seem to genuinely love what they create as well as the people they partner with to make it all happen. It started with traveling. There are many reasons we all love "sleeping in our own beds" and this family, living in China and raising their daughter, also loved to travel. So they ingeniously came up with a method to carry "their own bed" with them. They stitched together two favorite sheets for each of them, ensuring safety and comfort no matter where their travels might take them. Thus began their first venture, a company called DreamSacks which remained the name for their travel sacks, then bedding, and later, clothing lines, for many years. The original line of DreamSacks were made from silk and their company has Up to Soft! by Cindy Marks 43

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