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bel&bel was founded by two artists, Jesus Bel and Carles Bel, who restored a 17th century country estate house in Barcelona to create an open, collaborative meeting space. Sections house their workshop and showroom, but they also enjoy the energy of many local artists working with anything from film to music. Their interest in recycling turned into readapting antique items into new functional pieces. "We admire the brilliant design of classical vehicles, such as the legendary Vespa Scooter or our beloved SEAT 600. From that admiration, we began to work with these old pieces in order to give [renewed] validity to their great style." And their open, collaborative attitudes have enabled bel&bel to bring together a team that works with precision and care retooling the vintage items they love. Their admiration steers them through a detailed restoration of the pieces that they find and guides them in generating creative ideas on how to make the pieces functional for today. Here is some of the story behind the SEAT 600 sofa: "Our admiration for old vehicles was clear already. And it was because of this, that we decided to look for a SEAT 600 and turn it into a sofa. This idea was bouncing

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