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paying too much. That said, Jack recommended that the best way for the average consumer to enjoy the flavor experience without the aid of an expensive chef, is to buy a good "truffle butter" and add it to pasta, eggs or similar dishes where the mushroom-y flavor can be given priority. Buy the truffle butters or oils in fairly small quantities and use them quickly to prevent the fats from becoming rancid. Most inexpensive truffle oils are made with a synthetic "truffle aroma" which in reality (like a great article I recently read on vanilla) can still be an okay taste experience, even if less than natural. If you're on a budget, enjoy them for what they are and knowingly reserve the good stuff for special occasions. Should you go to purchase fresh truffles, use your nose. Look for a little density, but not mushiness (mushy truffles have likely been frozen, which is fine for certain dishes, but know what you're getting.) Most truffles have a shelf life of around 2 weeks. If your truffle purchase is packaged in a bed of rice, remove the truffle as the rice will dry it out and you want to retain some of the moisture. We wish you much luck in your truffle hunting . Combine these truffles with a dessert of the chocolate kind and have a very Happy Valentine's Day! Happy piggy on a truffle hunt: For a great discourse on how one Parisian culinary writer, a traditional truffle hunter and an incredibly cute pig enjoyed their walk in the woods, click to read this blog entry from David Lebovitz. 22

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