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An interactive magazine featuring interviews with artisan creators of everything from food and wine to clothing, fine art and jewelry. Live links for directly shopping from the best artisans around the globe.

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Welcome to the latest issue of Artizen. Happy Valentine's Day! We love this holiday. Sure, it get's a bad rap since it can serve to remind those of us without current romantic partners that life isn't fair. BUT you can look at it as a time to also love yourself, love your family, love your pets, maybe even admit you love some of your STUFF. Spend this month getting passionate and falling in love with all the lushness & beauty the planet has to offer. It builds character. Don't forget - websites and emails within our magazine are LIVE LINKS so you can interact with the artists. Read their blogs. View more of their work. Do some shopping! Indulge. And enjoy the best! SUBSCRIBE HERE to receive Artizen in your inbox for FREE. Get MORE Artizen: Cindy Marks Publisher/Editor/ Creative Director Artizen magazine is produced by CatStone Press Digital Publications. ©2010. All rights reserved. Artizen is a free publication, supported by advertisers. Subscribing to Artizen with an email address will allow you to receive the magazine in your inbox as soon as it is published. If you would like to advertise in Artizen magazine, please contact for more information and rates. Publisher/Editor/Creative Director-Cindy Marks

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