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ndscaping Going beyond the annual vegetable garden, Michael McKonkey, owner of Edible Landscaping, supplies the ingredients to create a work of abundance in your own corner of Paradise, artistically and knowledgeably. It takes copious amounts of loving attention to bring together plants with their best habitat in someone else's yard, but the owner and excellent staff at Edible Landscaping are so up to that task. Artizen writer, Annette Couch-Jareb, set off to explore the possibilities and enjoyed it all so much, she's now in line for volunteering there. Here are her impressions... A leisurely drive to the base of Afton Mountain is always a treat, but the first thing I noticed when I stepped out of the car on this trip was the smell. I couldn't quite place it – sweet, floral, evocative of… a ladies' perfume from some bygone era. I quickly learned it was coming from one of the walk-in cold-frames at Edible Landscaping which specializes in, as the name more than suggests, "edible landscaping". ngs... m! ouch-Jareb 9 A tour of the hot house was our first stop and there we learned that the delicious smell that greeted us when we pulled up came from the multitude of citrus stock. The citrus and other tropicals are kept in the cold frames through the winter months to prevent

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