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As we move into glorious Spring, Artizen thought it the very best time to bring to you one of our long-time Facebook pals and amazing Renaissance woman, Rosemari Roast, who owns really what could be called several businesses, as Walk In The Woods, LLC. Having seen Rose's beautiful artwork for at least a year, Artizen can attest not only to work earthy and inspiring, but also wholehearted. Rose follows her intuition through several projects, so be sure, if you head to her Artfire shop, to explore the bounty she has to offer. You'll find green and creative items to help you celebrate with Mother Nature as she wakes up from winter. Interview with Rosemari Roast by Cindy Marks Overall, a lot of my questions for Rose had to do with balance and cycles, since I could see artistic variety, seasonal variety and such abundance in her projects that I had to know how she manages all of this with grace and energy. t cards A: To begin, Rose, aſter discovering your Herbal Wellness School and all you do with that in conjunction with your artwork, I'd love to know if you find yourself swinging between "medicine" or a healing mode, a teaching mode and then a creative mode? You make all of this so readily available. R: For me all these seemingly separate "modes" are connected and bubble within my being from a single (yet, interconnected) vessel of spirit … burn from a single (interconnected) spiritual fire. I suppose this is why I most oſten describe myself as being what I am in any given moment. Moments have their own lives and I feel most balanced when I share a relationship with them, rather than exacting my will on them, controlling them, as (I feel) we are socially taught. Oh, I have

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