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ng (Art) History by Cindy Marks Andy Volpe is a "living historian" who's uncovered a special passion exploring ye olde Medieval Masters' drawing and printmaking techniques. He's been re-enacting history and hosting Living History programs since 2002, with his best known character being a Roman Legionary soldier "affectionately known as Roman Dude." A Renaissance man of many interests, Andy has recently been bringing together his long-time artistic bent, his love of history and his love of birding, among other things. 21 "I'v e h a a y v t a W i e g E er d t f oi m smal i h e ch n l ance t ld e C l t a o h r ro am s o hi le, and h a I'm al s Rehzen do ab i l v d t t ng f r e b e i o s/E s." a ot g no r e duca t f p r ic, w o o v o l un t r e h and h ki er f o l S a ng w i en w i w-W h o b r t o e g ne s o r a numel o a hul r o i ug b ng care B eald s. er o f y e p t w et O l s t iendv o o a f e d f r s, and h a w w o s t ar r s e f o nder f s w i e d r t h w h ar e a n t a Rap t ele a ei s r b i r r v d s 'l i e' a t

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