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With this story for our Wedding issue, I must admit to complete selfishness. I've wanted to interview this unassuming, yet confident and creative Italian gentleman for some time - for 5 years in fact, ever since I stumbled onto his business via the internet while researching, of all things, interesting garages in Virginia. Giancarlo Gnali, along with his wife, Jane, had begun a European pastry business right in their own backyard. Not so unusual in Italy, but pretty gutsy in Staunton, Virginia where the laws surrounding cooking and food sales can be daunting to say the least. Apparently he had (and still has) a booming weekend bakery business, getting rave reviews right out of his garage door. I knew he must be professional, or he'd never be allowed to stay in business, and I knew he must be GOOD or he'd never have created such a following. After sampling gifts of cake, homemade bread and fine chocolate, I must say that Giancarlo Fine European Pastries is even better than I'd imagined. I was so pleased to sit in his home, modest, in a modest area of town, and ask exactly what "European" meant in the context of his baking and hear more about the obviously beautiful wedding cakes that populate his website. GIANCARLO d FINE EUROPEAN PASTRIES Interview by Cindy Marks

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