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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT USING VIDEO FEEDBACK Introduction Every year educational leaders across the Commonwealth of Virginia balance the induction of novice educators with ensuring that all students receive rigorous and equitable services. According to Ingersoll, Merrill, and Stuckey (2014) demographic shifts in the workforce—younger, less experienced and increasing diversity—make this balancing act more difficult. Leaders can address this challenge by incorporating new technologies into the support system. Video recorders, while not a new technology, have become ubiquitous and have the potential to be a disruptive technology (Knight, 2014). Coaches can use video recorders to provide teachers with new perspectives on their classrooms. Allowing novice educators to see, hear, and relive classroom experiences can help them gain deeper insights into teaching practices. Mentoring Novice Educators Newcomers require time and guided support to develop into proficient professionals who have substantial impact on student learning (Berliner, 2004). A well-designed induction program can positively impact teachers' skill sets (Ingersoll, 2012) and increase teacher retention rates for beginning teachers (Feiman-Nemser, 2001). Furthermore, induction programs with multiple overlapping components, including "supportive school cultures" (Hobson & Ashby, 2012, p. 188) advance neophytes' perspectives and professional growth. Bieler (2012) identified reflective communities of practice as being a significant need for first year teachers. When teachers participate in professional networks grounded in robust practice, they are likely to maintain focus on practices that are meaningful to group members (Dalgarno & Colgan, 2007) and increase student learning (Thompson, Windschitl, & Braaten, 2013). Therefore it is important to create overlapping networks within an organization that assist teachers in developing effective classroom techniques. Video recordings present 2015 Vol. 12 Virginia Educational Leadership 89

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