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From the VaASCD President & Executive Director Laurie McCullough, Executive Director Virginia ASCD Daniel Smith, President Virginia ASCD (2014-2016) Most people think of spring as a time for beginnings. For those of us whose biological clocks tick to the rhythm of the 180-day school year, spring is about endings as well. April ushers in not only flowers and sunshine, but also a rush of frenetic activity. We may be overwhelmed as we manage end-of-year testing, spring athletics, grading, and all the special events that occur at this time of year. We hurry to meet our deadlines and obligations in a mad flurry of end-of-year craziness. For educators, spring can be a time for reflection. We assess our students' progress, not just by analyzing their benchmark data, but by knowing them as people. We know who has struggled academically and who has struggled to be accepted. We know who hasn't felt safe. We know who has become more confident, who has had victories, and who has found a place to belong. Some people use student growth percentiles or value added measures in an attempt to reveal the impact of teachers on students; but when we assess ourselves, we consider so much more. We remember the kids we met on the first day of Virginia Educational Leadership Vol. 12 2015 8

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