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Call for Journal Articles! The next issue of Virginia Educational Leadership, an online journal, will be published in the spring of 2016 and will center on the theme Deeper Learning. In classrooms where deeper learning is the focus, you find students who are motivated and challenged—who look forward to their next assignment. They apply what they have learned in one subject area to newly encountered situations in another. They can see how their classwork relates to real life. They are gaining an indispensable set of knowledge, skills, and beliefs, including: • Mastery of Core Academic Content, • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, • Collaboration, • Effective Communication, • Self-directed Learning, and • An Academic Mindset For more information, read the Hewlett Foundation explanation HERE. Some suggested topics include, but are not limited to, curriculum and instruction, assessment, professional development, technology use in the classroom, and policies that develop the knowledge, skills, and beliefs listed above. Some possible formats: • Strides Toward Excellence: Examples of successful professional development implementations, meaningful collaborations, or other positive transformations. • Policy: How can policies provide a foundation for deeper learning in our schools? • In Practice: What school and classroom practices help students achieve deeper learning? • Research: Share the results of studies that relate to deeper learning. Because this journal is published in an online format, authors can consider adding embedded videos, hyperlinks, podcasts, audio or animations to enhance their articles. THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF MATERIALS FOR THE NEXT ISSUE IS FEBRUARY 19, 2016. Manuscripts should follow format and reference guidelines outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association (APA). Include your professional title(s), workplace(s), email address(es), and a one to three sentence summary. If accepted, we will request author photos and brief biographies to be submitted. All manuscripts, book reviews, or other items should be sent to: Virginia Educational Leadership email to: Eric Carbaugh, Editor

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